Mojo Fury Album Launch

Last night local giants Mojo Fury took to the Spring and Airbrake to launch their debut album “Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus”. The main support act for the evening was Leicester based band Maybeshewill who, in a case of role reversal, took second billing to Mojo Fury who are supporting them on their Irish tour.

Maybeshewill had a hardcore following on the night with a sizeable crowd, banging heads to their haunting melodies interrupted by sporadic bursts of hot metal. Musically it is a sound akin to the Lost Prophets only with a greater emphasis on the use of samples to thicken out their sound and of course, no vocals apart from the odd clip of spoken word. The boys are indeed very talented musicians but to pull off songs without vocals is a risky manoever. ASIWYFA have found such a fantastic balance that they can pull this off and, to their credit, Maybeshewill did produce a very exciting sound. Although, while the tunes were amazing, I found that they were lacking a glowing core on which any given crowd can warm their hands although this will come with more tour miles on the clock.

After a quick breather and a drink IT WAS TIME…

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Photos by Ross Bloomfield

The band cowered onstage to a monstrous reception from their fans before exploding into their popular debut single “The Mann”. Lead Singer Michael Mormecha’s crunchy vocals combined with a verocious mash of screeching guitar and thundering drums at a blistering volume was a virtual rabbit punch to the eardrums. Not for the faint of heart, it is the kind of tune that would get you moving quicker than a curry and a laxative.

While the majority of their repertoire on the night kept up this sort of heroic pace they also showed their softer side with songs like ‘What a Secret”. This track in particular has an anthemic quality about it, a much smoother tone and every now and again the heavy rock side of the band threatened to break out for a few seconds before going back in it’s box. A clever and captivating song with an eye on the commercial market.

The band continued to attack the venue with a bustling mix of hard rock and soft anthem to which the crowd responded in kind with screaming, bouncing and rapturous applause. A tremendous album launch that left most with a feeling of being punched in the face by a velvet covered fist.

Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus is available now.

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