3DTV – A Terryfying Glimpse of the Future?

Once again I find myself with a fairly new Television set that is almost obsolete. No sooner are most people up to date with High Definition Televisions than the so-called ‘next generation’ of TV’s are here and this time they’re 3D.

When I splashed out on a new TV it was advertised as ‘future proof’ and I stupidly believed that spending a decent amount of money on it would keep me up to date for years to come. I was wrong.

When 3D first started becoming popular at the cinema I was sceptical. Distant memories of Jaws 3D or the shockingly bad Freddy’s Dead resurfaced and helped me to avoid the new fad at the local cinema expecting it to go the way of smell-o-vision. However, it wasn’t until eventually agreeing to see Avatar in 3D with friends that I found out, to my surprise, that 3D technology had moved on. The intensity and sheer impact of the 3D was spectacular and certainly sold me on the idea.

While I can understand that the use of 3D will not enhance the cinematic classics, it is perfect for the usual mindless summer blockbuster. If it makes those huge explosions look more intense and engaging then why the hell not? Continue reading “3DTV – A Terryfying Glimpse of the Future?”