The Way Back Review

Running time: 128 minutes
RRP (DVD): £19.99
RRP (Blu-ray): £24.99
Ratio: 2.35:1 (16×9)
Certificate: 12
Subtitles: English
Special features: ‘Making of’ featurette,Cast and crew interviews
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Strong.

Directed by Peter Weir

The story is told through the eyes of Polish prisoner Janusz (Sturgess) as he finds himself thrown into a Siberian Gulag on the testimony of his wife, obtained under torture by Stalin’s men. Sentenced to 20 years he is thrown into a world of turmoil and pain. A world where kindness can kill. Continue reading “The Way Back Review”

Spider-man Takes on the IRA

I have never really been a comic person. As I kid I read Buster and the Beano. When a little older I tried X-Men and if I’m honest found it hard going. I got into Marvel in the late 80s  through the now legendary cartoons. It started with Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. You know the one where Spider-man, Firestar and Ice-man lived together in an apartment that turned into some sort of command centre. I loved that, when all the furniture changed into all those 80s style computers when the big fire monster attacked the city. Also, Firestar was Hot (pardon the pun). Continue reading “Spider-man Takes on the IRA”

‘Take Me Out’…The Back…And Shoot Me…In The Head

As I sat, watching the screen, I found myself wondering how we came to this. As a society I mean. Now we all know that the Saturday Night TV Schedule is full of soul destroying shite to keep middle aged women occupied while the kids are out having the fun they wish they were having. One of the more recent additions to the line up is ‘Take me out’.

It is very difficult to describe the format of the show. It is as if Paddy McGuinness had dug up and raped the bloated corpse of Blind Date leaving behind the post mortem abortion that is this show. A show where a lonely male weirdo is paraded in front of 30 whooping and gyrating women who he has to impress into a date. Watching this initial part of the process makes me think that this is what it must have been like for any Christian unlucky enough to piss of the Romans. Continue reading “‘Take Me Out’…The Back…And Shoot Me…In The Head”

Not So Red Hot Dutch

As we walked along the cobbled street, admiring the stunning architecture of such a beautiful city, my eyes couldn’t help but wander. The paradoxical clash of worlds so far apart is an intense experience to say the least. Every building stunningly designed and crafted so many years ago, the character of the tiny cobbled streets, the unique smell that hangs on the corner of any quintessential European City and of course the fat Asian prostitute staring back at me. Continue reading “Not So Red Hot Dutch”

Guinness ‘Our Thursdays’: Wookalily vs Amberline @The Empire

Once again another Thursday comes around and another selection of local talent has battled it out in the Guinness ‘Our Thursdays’ competition (Play A Gig With Snow Patrol). For  anyone who hasn’t heard, over the past few weeks Guinness have been generous enough to give local talent the chance to compete for a spot playing with Snow Patrol in Dublin for ‘Arthur’s Day’, Thursday 23rd September 2010. In bars across Ireland bands have taken to the stage and faced a text vote to see who will progress to the regional finals.

On Thursday 5th August a special ‘Wild Card’ event took place, in which bands were awarded a second chance. One such gig was held in The Empire where Wookalily (Frockabilly Woo-grass) took on Amberline (Powerpop Rock) for a spot in the Belfast finals.  Continue reading “Guinness ‘Our Thursdays’: Wookalily vs Amberline @The Empire”

The Un-‘Sung’ Heroes of Glasgowbury

The word is out and the local blogs are bouncing to the reverberation of this years Glasgowbury festival. The only problem is that most seem to have taken a look at the line up and chosen to talk about the few rather than the many. It’s almost as if everyone has just taken the headliners on each stage and laid out reviews of the fashionable instead of understanding the ‘Small but massive’ ethos behind the festival and immersing themselves in the new and the fresh rather than the usual suspects of the Northern Ireland music scene. Well I’m here to take you on a journey through the unsung heroes of Glasgowbury. The hidden gems that graced the many stages with reverence and surprised the gathered crowds. These are the ones to watch, not the ones to be seen to watch.

First up would have to be Derry band ‘Swanee River’ who graced the Spurs of Rock stage. These guys are the epitome of Classic Rock and are Glasgowbury veterans. Their special brand of Rock with a lick of Blues was just what was needed to kick start the madness. With songs like ‘Bouncy Castles’ and ‘The Dose’ they rocked the crowd from start to finish and constantly shone with the experience and enthusiasm of a band made for the festival circuit. The first show to turn a tent inside out as the crowd bounced, sang and cheered to the dirty sound of ‘Swanee River’. Continue reading “The Un-‘Sung’ Heroes of Glasgowbury”

21st Century Boy’s Toys

In the last century we have seen much advancement towards equality in the world. Whether you believe this to be to our benefit or detriment you would surely agree that we have been through a lot. The Suffragettes, Feminism, Civil Rights, Anti Apartheid etc. have all made some sort of attempt to bring about change.

Well I am here to pose a question to those who continue the cry for equality. Why is it acceptable for a woman to own a masturbatory aid but for a man to use one would label him a pervert? Continue reading “21st Century Boy’s Toys”

Starbucks – The Lion’s Den?

On Saturday I did something I have never done before, I entered the Lion’s den. A place I have avoided for years even as every available empty store was filled with something that would send a shiver down my spine. That evil thing that is spreading around Northern Ireland like AIDS in the 1980’s is Starbucks. Continue reading “Starbucks – The Lion’s Den?”

3DTV – A Terryfying Glimpse of the Future?

Once again I find myself with a fairly new Television set that is almost obsolete. No sooner are most people up to date with High Definition Televisions than the so-called ‘next generation’ of TV’s are here and this time they’re 3D.

When I splashed out on a new TV it was advertised as ‘future proof’ and I stupidly believed that spending a decent amount of money on it would keep me up to date for years to come. I was wrong.

When 3D first started becoming popular at the cinema I was sceptical. Distant memories of Jaws 3D or the shockingly bad Freddy’s Dead resurfaced and helped me to avoid the new fad at the local cinema expecting it to go the way of smell-o-vision. However, it wasn’t until eventually agreeing to see Avatar in 3D with friends that I found out, to my surprise, that 3D technology had moved on. The intensity and sheer impact of the 3D was spectacular and certainly sold me on the idea.

While I can understand that the use of 3D will not enhance the cinematic classics, it is perfect for the usual mindless summer blockbuster. If it makes those huge explosions look more intense and engaging then why the hell not? Continue reading “3DTV – A Terryfying Glimpse of the Future?”