Spider-man Takes on the IRA

I have never really been a comic person. As I kid I read Buster and the Beano. When a little older I tried X-Men and if I’m honest found it hard going. I got into Marvel in the late 80s  through the now legendary cartoons. It started with Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. You know the one where Spider-man, Firestar and Ice-man lived together in an apartment that turned into some sort of command centre. I loved that, when all the furniture changed into all those 80s style computers when the big fire monster attacked the city. Also, Firestar was Hot (pardon the pun). Continue reading “Spider-man Takes on the IRA”

Budget Bitching

It’s budget time again and the local news agencies are putting on the usual show for the general public. It’s amazing how many armchair economists are featured in order to provide comment on the financial state of the country.

BBC Newsline, as usual, picked the biggest morons they can find, film them at their kitchen table bitching and gurning about how this budget is hitting their pockets. I would like to know exactly where they were schooled in recessionary economics. ‘1p per litre drop in fuel tax is not enough’. Maybe the government will drop it by 30p per litre. Maybe they’ll lower income tax. Maybe they’ll stop incentives for business. Oh no, now there’s no money for schools and hospitals. Suddenly these morons are back on the TV giving off about why wee Jimmy can’t get the operation he so desperately needs. Continue reading “Budget Bitching”

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

This world is a wonderfully crazy place. When we look around at those exalted few who are meant to lead their subjects politically, morally, religiously and socially it is almost the height of humour. At least it would be if some of these knob heads didn’t have their finger on a big red button that could potentially end it all. Let’s take a look at a few of these characters.

Let’s start with the obvious – Continue reading “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”