Hidden Homoereoticism: Top 5 Unintentionally Gay Movie Scenes

We all know there are plenty of gay films out there (Brokeback Mountain, My Own Private Idaho, Rocky V) but it seems there are some that are still in the closet. I was watching Wall Street last night and I was quite disturbed to see a few homoerotic scenes between Bud Fox and Gordon Gecko and this got me wondering how many films have such unintentional(?) gay undertones.

After a (rather disturbing) bit of research here are the top five unintentionally homoerotic scenes in film in order of gayness:


Coming in at the bottom (pardon the pun) is this touching scene from Superbad where Seth and Evan declare their love for one another. Low on the gay scale due to alcohol, it washes away all sins…apparently.

4.Wall Street

This is a rather strange scene from 80’s Yuppie movie Wall Street. It seems like a normal over the phone pep talk until Gecko ups the Gay level gushing over the sunrise only to be upstaged on the gayometer by Bud’s disturbingly heavy breathing. I swear he blows him beans when he hears the word ‘rich’.

3.Lost Boys

As much as all us children of the eighties love this film it has a rather strong gay theme. All those pretty boys sucking each other, bubble baths and even a young boy with a semi naked Rob Lowe poster on his wall. However none of this is as gay as this wriggling, oiled up sax player they’re all gawking at. Truly disturbing.

2.Top Gun

Well folks, you all knew this scene was coming. Nuff said.

And the winner is…

1.Lord of The Rings

The ultimate gay relationship on the big screen has to be Sam and Frodo. There are so many scenes in the trilogy where the looks exchanged between these two steam up the screen as bumming appears to be imminent. However, it is this infamous scene that tells the whole gay story when they all give in to their homosexual desires. It’s the infamous Rivendell Orgy,  Brokeback Mountain wouldn’t be in it.

I’m sure there are many more examples out there. Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Hidden Homoereoticism: Top 5 Unintentionally Gay Movie Scenes

  1. in the original planet of the apes movie , the astronauts are bathing in a pond them all three are standing there naked and two of them slowly kneel down in front of charlton heston. gayest scene ever!

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