Nerd Do Very Well

While sitting watching my favourite programme last night I was given some shocking news. It takes a lot to distract me from the fantastic ‘Wonders of the Universe’ on BBC HD but this was hard to ignore. Apparently Professor Brian Cox is a hottie.

Now Professor Cox is a legend. He has brought Physics to the masses by making it accessible without dumbing it down but I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that women all over the country were tuning in for other reasons than learning about the cosmos.

This got me thinking about the nature of attraction and celebrity. Does fame allow for sexual prowess not seen in everyday folk? Let’s take a look at some other celebs that have become the most unlikely of sex symbols:

Professor Brian Cox
The Rock Star Professor has gone from playing keyboard in D:Ream to Particle Physicist. In 2009 he was one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men in the World.

Jack Black
The man who looks like a sweet that’s fallen on the floor was described by Kate Winslet as the Sexiest Film Star she has ever worked with.

Jeremy Clarkson
The lanky, pube headed legend was Voted Heat Magazine’s Weird Crush of the Year 2008.

James Corden
King of the Chubby Funsters, Corden has been out with several hot Women including Sheridan Smith and Lily Allen.

Several other of these freakish hunks are Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogan, Kevin Smith, Chris Moyles, Peter Kay, Composer David Arnold (according to my girlfriend), Jason Manford, James May, James Gandolphini, Sir Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Wayne Rooney and many, many more.

It seems that many a weird looking man can become a Sex Symbol just by being famous but I don’t believe the same applies to women. It’s hard to believe that men would be queuing up to get into Beth Ditto’s Fat Flaps or sink one into Susan Boyle just because they get a bit of screen time.

So are these men only attractive because of their celebrity? It certainly looks that way. Sure I’d give the good Professor Cox one and I’m not even Gay.

What do you think, are they hot or not?

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